20 tips for those who travel around Russia

There are different types of traveling: mountaineering, cruises, long journeys to the countries and cities, trips to friends or relatives. Each of them becomes a fantastic adventure and leaves memories for the whole life. But does the trip always go according to the plan? For example, the flight can be delayed and your baggage may be lost. You shouldn’t forget about the swindlers and food poisoning, with which the tourists often come across while being in foreign countries. Luckily, the avid travelers have enough experience and recommendations on how to avoid such unpleasant situations.

1. Get the best hotel room. There are lots of ways for travelers to get the best hotel room at a very low price. For instance, when you book a room 24–48 hours beforehand, you have a chance to pay less because the hotel will be sure that this room is already taken and you cannot cancel it before one day of your actual check in. If you are signed up on the websites that track the lowered prices you will be getting an instant notification about it.

2. Make friends and save money on your stay. If you are young and you travel alone, staying in a hotel may be boring to you. Meet your fellow-travelers and go get a room in a youth hostel. Of course, you won’t get the quality of accommodation and services like in a 5-star hotel, but most hostels have special zones to spend time together and even arrange some events; there you can meet new people and make friends. If you are over 50, staying in a hostel may not be available for you, but you can easily meet people by surfing different websites and apps.

3. Take care of a house in exchange for free-of-charge living. If your trip is not linked to any schedule and you are not demanding to the accommodation conditions, you can stay at somebody’s home and see after the house and take care of the pets. There are several websites where people offer a free housing while they are out on vacation or have a business trip. Most of the houses are outside the city, but if you’ve got a car or you don’t mind using city transport, it will be a perfect option to save on your living.

4. Compare the dates of your journey with bank holidays. Different countries have their own religious and bank holidays, which may affect your trip. In some cases, prices for hotel accommodation may be higher than on regular days. Holidays can also affect the working hours of popular tourist sites, including the sale of alcohol. On the other hand, they will make your trip more interesting since there are festivals, celebrations and concerts during holidays.

5. Read blogs, reviews and comments given by other travelers. What Google shows you on the first search lines may not always be the best option. Companies and travel agents pay a lot of money on advertising, so the most truthful information that you can get is by reading reviews and stories of the travelers themselves. By the way, bloggers that have few subscribers give more accurate information, since it is less likely that they were paid for advertising. You can also use social networks to search for touristic sites and hidden spots. Searching through Instagram by a specific location or hashtag will show you some beautiful places and wonderful restaurants that you may not find on the popular traveling websites.

Tips on how to pack your suitcase

6. Check out the weather and get some information on the culture of the country you are traveling to. In order to properly pack your things, you need to know what the weather is like at your destination. Also, check out the clothes people use to wear there.

7. Get a bright suitcase. It is difficult to spot a black suitcase when you receive luggage and too hard to identify in case it is lost. When you travel, choose an unusual suitcase or backpack with bright colors, stripes and patterns. Take a picture of it before you travel, just in case you lose it. If you have a simple suitcase, stick a colored tag, a sticker or a ribbon to it.

8. Pack your cosmetics firmly. If you are taking only hand luggage, you will have to cut off the amount of liquid, including gels and shampoos. You can buy solid (dry) cosmetics in order to go through the airport control without throwing away your stuff. If you want to take shampoo and gel with you, use the ZipLoc packs.

9. Put only necessary things into your hand luggage. It is better to first pack the essentials to your hand luggage, just in case if suitcase gets lost in transit. Don’t forget to take the following: sleeping mask and earplugs, deodorant, chargers, sunglasses and cream, repellent, reusable water bottle, pillowcase to separate dirty and clean clothes, and clothes softener for a good smell. Tips on how to take the necessities. Take a hand luggage for a two-week trip, unless you are planning to take many clothes.

10. Follow the well-known rule of 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1: 5 outfits, 4 sets of underwear (pants), 3 accessories, 2 pairs of shoes, 1 swimsuit.

11. Pick clothes with neutral colors so that they match each other.

12. Don’t take cosmetics such as shampoo, gel, and soap. These things are available in a hotel.

1З. Leave some space for souvenirs!

14. Roll your clothes instead of folding them: it will save some place in your suitcase.

15. Put small items in your shoes. Put a shower cap over your clothes so that shoes don’t make it dirty.

16. Don’t take more clothes than you need for two weeks. If you have a long journey, you can use a local laundry.

Additional preparations

17. Arrange your house before you leave. If you and your family leaves the house for a long time, you need to take some measures to keep your housing and pets safe. Tell your neighbors about your trip and ask them to pick up your mail and newspapers. You can hire a special person or ask friends or relatives to see after your pets. Make sure you leave your car in a locked garage or park it at the airport.

18. Learn a few local phrases in the language of the destination country. Learn some expressions of politeness, such as “thank you” and “hello” to demonstrate your respect for the culture of this or that country.

Tips for your flight

19. Get the best offer on your flight. Perhaps you’ve heard the classical tip: to get the best offer you should buy a ticket six weeks before on Tuesday afternoon from the moment of your actual flight. But before you do that, don’t forget to update your Browser. If the airline company sees that you have watched information about the same flight for several times, it can easily raise the price.

20. Come to the airport beforehand. You must arrive to the airport two or three hours before your flight time. The more time you have before boarding, the more likely you will get a higher-comfort seat. A flight can be re-booked and then an airline company may search for volunteers who wouldn’t mind to put off the departure time and get a voucher. Moreover, some carriers may check your bags free of charge if the flight is fully booked. Another tip: If you feel comfortable sitting next to an emergency exit, don’t miss the opportunity to book these seats. This way you will get more space.

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