Petersburg life hacks: 10 useful tips for tourists

Visitor card

St. Petersburg guest card has been created especially for tourists who want to discover the great cultural and historical heritage of the city; that’s similar to the popular City Card system in Europe. This card includes visits to famous museums and the best tours, special offers and discounts, as well as the transport e-ticket. You can save pretty much money using it.

Umbrella and boots

Whenever you travel to St. Petersburg, an umbrella and comfortable closed waterproof shoes will become your best friends throughout the whole trip. As it is well-known, it’s raining quite often in the city and you can never predict it. Don’t give the rain a chance to spoil your stay in the northern capital!

Save money in Winter

Those who dream to see Petersburg covered in snow and is not afraid of frost you will surely be surprised with the prices. Since this is off-season period, many hotels and cultural institutions of the city offer very good discounts to the visitors.

Public transport alternative

If you do not feel like seeing the fascinating view of the St. Petersburg traffic jam, you should think twice before taking public transport, especially during rush hours. Underground will help you out and take you to the needed place since it covers the entire city. It sounds pretty trivial, isn’t it? What if you rent a bicycle? It will allow you to quickly move between the central places of interest, ride along the numerous landscaped embankments and keep your body in good shape. There are plenty of places where you can rent a bicycle in Petersburg.

Day to explore the city

How to arrange your time to explore the big city if you only have one day? In this case, make sure you planned a detailed route and timing. Or as an option, you can use the ready-made plan by our portal: “Petersburg in a day: fall in love once and for all.”

White Nights

You cannot but see the city’s white nights. You can see them in St. Petersburg during summer. To see the fabulous twilight in all its glory, you should plan your trip between June 11 and July 2. Besides the marvelous view, you will get a chance to attend the unforgettable “Scarlet Sails” Alumni Festival, the “Stars of the White Nights” music festival and many other cultural events.

River Trips

You certainly must take a charming trip along the rivers and canals of the city; it’s right that St. Petersburg is called the Venice of the North! Exploring the city from aboard of the ships and riverboat buses will add a special charm. You can’t even imagine how romantic the night boat ride under the bridges can be! To see the luxurious Petergof you need to take the high-speed meteor, and not push strollers in buses, underground and trains. We advise you to try the river trip in the summer and book tickets for river excursions beforehand, because there are lots of people who want to explore the city from rivers!

Days when you can visit museums for free

Another tip for those who want to save money: don’t forget about the days when you can visit city museums free-of-charge. You can search the list of such museums on the Internet. You can visit the Hermitage for free on the first Thursday of the month and the Central Naval Museum on the last Wednesday of the month. There are also many interesting museums in St. Petersburg that are completely free no matter when you come to visit them.

Social networks

A great way to get to know the city better is to read posts in different communities devoted to the northern capital. There you can learn a lot of useful information, for example, about interesting events that are taking place in the upcoming days, what tours are really worthy to take, what little-known sights and recent exhibitions it would be interesting to go and see, etc.

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